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FNE Fundraiser! Ad Mariam America!

FNE Timber Wolves at play

FNE Timber Wolves at play

I have been involved with FNE (Federation of North-American Explorers) for a little over three years now. My group (“North Star”) was founded in 2011, and formally installed on November 5 of that year. We currently have 4 units within the group — boys’ and girls’ Timber Wolves, girls’ Explorers, and Otters (we don’t have mixed-sex units except in Otters) — with a fifth — boys’ Explorers — to start later this year or early next year.

With that in mind, we have partnered with Equal Exchange to raise funds for the entire group. (Our Explorer units do fundraising on their own as well within their patrols.) The fundraiser is running through the end of December:

I know that this is a difficult time of the year for people to contribute, between holiday shopping and other organizations asking for funds. You might find a few things on Equal Exchange to give as gifts — for example, I bought some of their chocolate bars to give to the people who report to me at my job (and some for myself as well!). If you would like to help us another way, please see here how you might do that:

Some of you, maybe most of you, might be asking what FNE is all about? We are a member association of the International Union of Guides and Scouts of Europe – Federation of European Scouting (UIGSE-FSE), a Catholic scouting and guiding association approved by the Holy See. (In fact, we are an international association of the faithful of Pontifical right.) Our programs are drawn directly from the work of Lord Baden-Powell (the founder of scouting) as implemented by Ven. Jacques Sevin, SJ. We are devoted to Holy Mass (of all approved rites), Eucharistic adoration, the Rosary, and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

Our Polish brothers and sisters recently made a video, filmed at our most recent international gathering, Eurojam 2014, that may give you an idea of what we’re all about:

You might also check out our national web site to read more:

Or look for us on Facebook where we have many pictures!

Many thanks! We do pray for our friends and benefactors.

Vouchsafe, O Lord, for Thy name’s sake, to reward with eternal life all those who do us good. Amen.