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Lord Baden-Powell says: “Don’t”

In a prior blog post I drew attention to an article published by on the UIGSE-FSE web site in which the author decried the modern tendency of making the Explorer (Scout) Law a matter of opinion. Today I was searching for a quote from Lord Baden-Powell, which I found, but I also found this brief article (entitled “Don’t”) from B-P’s “Outlook” (May 1914):

I NOTICE whenever we have people rising up to improve our code of Scout Law, etc., they are generally blind to the spirit which underlies it. They think that we have forgotten some of the boyish vices, and they start to set us right by ordering the boys not to do this and not to do that. What happened a few years ago in Ireland? A certain political faction there issued notices everywhere “No boy is to be a Boy Scout.” “Boy Scout? What is that?” at once asked every boy. When he found it was a young backwoodsman with bare legs and a hat and staff, and he was forbidden to be one, Patrols and Troops sprang up like mushrooms!

In other words, don’t change the Law!

Anti-War, but not, therefore, Anti-Military

I HAD, last month, a most interesting conference with a number of members of the Peace Society and of the Society of Friends.

They wanted to understand better the ideals underlying the Boy Scout training, since their attention had been drawn to the Movement by the fact that we had declined help from the Lucas-Tooth Fund.

I gave to the meeting a general outline of our work and aims, and invited questions and suggestions from those present. In reply to some of these, I made it plain that though we were against war, we were not, therefore, against self-defence.

Also, I pointed out that you cannot do away with war by abolishing armies; you might just as well try to do away with crime by abolishing the police. What would be the result in either case?


As regards war with civilised nations, that is, no doubt, a brutal and out-of-date method of settling differences. But there are still, even in Europe, many nations only partly civilised. It is all a matter of education and character, and mutual knowledge and regard for each other. The only way towards bringing about universal peace in Europe is not by trying to cure the present generation of their prejudices, not even by building palaces for peace conferences, but by educating the next generation to better mutual sympathy and trust and the larger-minded exercise of give-and-take.

The only really practical step so far taken to that end is in the Boy Scout Movement, where, with our brotherhood already established in every country and getting daily into closer touch and fellow-feeling by means of correspondence and interchange of visits, we are helping to build the foundation for the eventual establishment of common interests and friendships which will ultimately and automatically bring about disarmament and a permanent peace.

Lord Baden-Powell, B-P’s Outlook, April 1914

Article on Miami’s Stella Maris FNE

I’ve not posted here in a while but I wanted to highlight a recent article on Stella Maris FNE published in Miami’s archdiocesan newspaper.

While sitting around a campfire in the Everglades with their sons in February 2013, a group of Catholic men dreamed about doing this regularly: to escape technology and spend quality time together, in prayer, out in nature with their sons.

During this conversation, one of the fathers, Jorge Escala, noticed a few boys from a different group were listening. Escala later approached the boys, who explained that they were camping there with a “last chance” school for children with problems – problems which included dads who beat their wives and moms who were alcoholics.

“That experience of us camping, the beauty of celebrating a Mass out there in nature, together with seeing these kids and what they lacked – God placed it on my heart that there needed to be something to fill these needs,” Escala said.

Please read the full article here: Explorers of the Faith