Article on Miami’s Stella Maris FNE

I’ve not posted here in a while but I wanted to highlight a recent article on Stella Maris FNE published in Miami’s archdiocesan newspaper.

While sitting around a campfire in the Everglades with their sons in February 2013, a group of Catholic men dreamed about doing this regularly: to escape technology and spend quality time together, in prayer, out in nature with their sons.

During this conversation, one of the fathers, Jorge Escala, noticed a few boys from a different group were listening. Escala later approached the boys, who explained that they were camping there with a “last chance” school for children with problems – problems which included dads who beat their wives and moms who were alcoholics.

“That experience of us camping, the beauty of celebrating a Mass out there in nature, together with seeing these kids and what they lacked – God placed it on my heart that there needed to be something to fill these needs,” Escala said.

Please read the full article here: Explorers of the Faith

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