Lord Baden-Powell says: “Don’t”

In a prior blog post I drew attention to an article published by on the UIGSE-FSE web site in which the author decried the modern tendency of making the Explorer (Scout) Law a matter of opinion. Today I was searching for a quote from Lord Baden-Powell, which I found, but I also found this brief article (entitled “Don’t”) from B-P’s “Outlook” (May 1914):

I NOTICE whenever we have people rising up to improve our code of Scout Law, etc., they are generally blind to the spirit which underlies it. They think that we have forgotten some of the boyish vices, and they start to set us right by ordering the boys not to do this and not to do that. What happened a few years ago in Ireland? A certain political faction there issued notices everywhere “No boy is to be a Boy Scout.” “Boy Scout? What is that?” at once asked every boy. When he found it was a young backwoodsman with bare legs and a hat and staff, and he was forbidden to be one, Patrols and Troops sprang up like mushrooms!

In other words, don’t change the Law!

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