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Posted by David Faber on March 15, 2013

Odd that my lack of blogging does not seem to have affected traffic on this site! I posted in April of last year that the site had reached 1,000 page views from 400 unique visitors; that was over approximately 3 months of operation. In the (almost a full) year since then, there have been over 7,000 page views from 3,400-plus unique visitors, despite the fact that I have written exactly two blog posts in that time span (one of them yesterday):

Unsurprisingly, my most popular post — with 2,000 page views! — is still my ColdFusion Solr Tutorial, written in February 2012. Hopefully it is still relevant even with the release of ColdFusion 10. On the surprising side, my second most popular post is the aforementioned post about SHA hashing in Oracle 10g. I wish I could take even some credit for the content of that post but all I really did was bring the word of another developer (Jakub Wartak) to the attention of this blog’s readers. I wish I could say that my posts on SQL have been as warmly received!

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