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Salvete omnes! This blog is primarily about ColdFusion, SQL queries, and searching (as the subtitle says), with a particular focus on integrating ColdFusion with the Apache Solr/Lucene search engine. When I started working with ColdFusion 9 in 2010, I noticed that there was a dearth of information available on the Internet about migrating from Verity to Solr. And there is still a dearth of information. This is not to say that the Solr documentation itself is lacking, only that there is not a lot out there for developers who are using ColdFusion and who are frustrated with the rigidity of Verity or of ColdFusion 9’s bare-bones implementation of Solr. So this is my attempt to fill in that gap, and maybe make some comments about some other odds and ends along the way. I’ve been working with ColdFusion for at least 13 years, and SQL databases even longer than that, so hopefully I’ll have something of value to say.

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  1. Mike said

    I am starting a Solr indexing project and would love your opinion on using CF’s Solr integration vs. a standalone Solr installation.

    1. Do you have a bullet list of the limitations of CF’s built-in Solr features and/or bugs vs. what I have access to by going directly to Solr standalone?

    2. If I go with Solr standalone, are there any known wrapper libraries/CFC’s that allows an easier implementation (more CF-like) of the Solr API? The data I am indexing is at this time 100% database data, but the number of records is sizable (multi-million).

    I am leaning toward the stand-alone version, but I need to sell it to the higher-ups. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  2. David Faber said

    That’s one thing I’ve not had the opportunity to look into as yet. Probably a future project.

    I would expect that any library/CFC that worked with CF Solr would work with a standalone Solr implementation – it’s just a matter of calling the Solr web service and then parsing the JSON or XML that’s returned. If you want to use CFINDEX/CFSEARCH, you can just set the location of the Solr server in CF Administrator.

    Personally, I would probably start with CF Solr to prove that it could be done, then move up to standalone Solr. But I don’t have the experience to back up that statement.

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