The Growth of FNE in the USA

Our group leader/Akela on the subject of FNE in the United States. An excerpt:

Most importantly, we did not want to make promises we couldn’t keep. Still, I personally spoke to approximately 200 people who showed interest in starting new groups. Some we took on who later proved to not be very serious about starting up, and they are no longer in our development plan. We were happy to support them, but likely they were interested because this was in the news and then lost interest as time went on. However, we’ve also had a good number around the country that have shown their love for our movement and their willingness to work to bring it to the youth in their area. These have had our full support and are beginning to thrive. Yes, we want to grow, but for us, growth is something more than setting up a web form and calling whoever fills it out a group. We are truly a brotherhood and we’ll support a new group, but want that new group to also represent the FNE well and be a credit to it. Better to grow with deliberation, and retain our identity, which has been developed over nearly six decades, than to risk the future of our young association here in North America.

One wishes this sort of thing didn’t have to be said, but clarity is always good.

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